While I have religiously downloaded your shows and saved the archives into my phone and external hard drive I am still playing catch-up and am in the late 2012 episodes. This being said, thus far I’ve enjoyed the conversations you had with your guests. – Don Calypso (Haiti)
We live in a society that places great value in relationships, in all that we do in life the outcome will often times depend on how well we relate to others. Moreover, this is a fundamental truth throughout our society. With that said, Tiffany Williams-Jallow has embraced the challenge of creating an open forum for analyzing and discussing one of the most important forms of interactions known to man kind. Tiffany addresses relationships and marriage from a holistic perspective. Thus, I highly recommend that you view her page and feel free to take part in this discussion as well….Thanks. – Elvis Tolefree (Atlanta, GA)
To say the least, you certainly do know how to arouse the enthusiasm in your guest in such a way that we the listeners are the recipients of their sweeping candid disclosures. I additionally, appreciate your adept interviewing skills, and researched preparedness that help to soothingly intensify replies from your broadcast contributors. Bravo! – Ricardo Rose (Greenville, Delaware)
Tiffany, I just want to thank you for approaching this “work” that must be done. December 2010 marked two years of divorce for me. It is a devastating experience, but even more traumatic when you realize that the marriage could have been prevented in the first place. I have been spending the past year and half in personal development so that I can make better choices about what is right for me and who is right for me. Transformation is not easy but it is worth it and each day I strive to work on Kellie. Again, thank you for providing a radio show that touches at least half of adults in our society. Peace and Blessings! – Kellie Gardner (Charlotte, North Carolina)