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3 Ways To Take Responsibility and Stop Making Excuses


By Sheree “He Hit Me!” Oftentimes as children, we would find someone or something to blame to circumvent punishment for a misdeed. No matter if we participated in the initial tauntingly-like behavior or not, there was always someone else to blame. Unfortunately for many, that same mentality infiltrates into adulthood. By now, you should be able to attest to some ...

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Guard Your Relationship Against Infidelity


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder True, each person is responsible for and is to take ownership of his or her actions including being unfaithful to a spouse or committed partner. Likewise, there are several internal or self-induced factors, which motivate men and women to cheat including the feeling of excitement that an unfaithful partner experiences when they cheat and the ...

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