What If I Marry The Wrong Person?


By Dr. Jared Pingleton, Relationship360° Guest Expert No one wants to become a statistic. Yet we know that nearly half of all marriages fail legally. More significantly, most marriages fail functionally. According to marriage satisfaction research, only about 5-12 percent of American marriages are mutually satisfying. And the little secret here is that 90 percent of those have been married ...

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Marriage Restoration: 6 Essential Tools For Reconciling With Your Prodigal, Estranged Or Ex-Spouse


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder If you are struggling with or separated from your spouse or worse, divorced, you may have very little hope in being reconciled back to your husband or wife. This is probably because the success rate for marriages isn’t very good with about half of marriages resulting in divorce. What’s more, instead of society placing an ...

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Guard Your Relationship Against Infidelity


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder True, each person is responsible for and is to take ownership of his or her actions including being unfaithful to a spouse or committed partner. Likewise, there are several internal or self-induced factors, which motivate men and women to cheat including the feeling of excitement that an unfaithful partner experiences when they cheat and the ...

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The "Sexy" Secret To Saving Your Marriage


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder Currently about half of U.S. couples are getting divorces and the number of couples filing papers to legally end their marriages is showing no signs of slowing down. Moreover, there seems to be no solution in sight for reversing this trend. The media appears to be more focused on how to win over a bachelor ...

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Smart Methods Of Improving Relationships


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder   The other day I was considering how frantic our time here is. Because we are so preoccupied with our never ending tasks, I realized that too often we forget to enjoy life’s small treasures along the way . Someone once said there will be no great ending to a wretched journey.   More often ...

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Preparing For Marriage: What Parents Don’t Tell You But You Should Know

By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder If you’re like most people who are about to get married, you fantasize about having the perfect wedding followed by a perfect marriage that will last forever. So why do about half of marriages end in divorce? Is there too much focus on the wedding and not enough time spent preparing for marriage? Are there ...

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