How To Be Celibate: 10 Keys To Avoid Ending Up In Bed


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder Every person has a different level of self-discipline but if you’re used to jumping in the sack regularly stopping cold turkey may not be that easy initially. However, celibacy or abstaining from sexual relations for religious, spiritual, personal or other reasons can be done successfully with time and here are are some suggestions on how ...

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What Makes A Man Fall In Love With A Woman? Q&A With Stokely Williams of Legendary R&B Band Mint Condition


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder Last month on BlogTalkRadio’s Relationships360, Mint Condition’s Stokely Williams discussed the R&B group’s career, future plans and his love life including what made him fall for his wife Sylvia. Here’s a snippet: RELATIONSHIPS360: So many of your hit songs, “Pretty Brown Eyes,” “U Send Me Swinging,” “If You Love Me” and “You Don’t Have To ...

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Top 10 Summer Dating Ideas


By Jacqueline Williams, Relationships360° Guest Expert Take your summer romance to the next level with the following summer date ideas! Picnic under the stars– Picnics are a summer tradition. Why not turn it up a notch by having a gourmet picnic at night. Break out the blankets and fine wine and use the stars in the sky as your back ...

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Smart Methods Of Improving Relationships


By Tiffany Williams-Jallow, Relationships360° Founder   The other day I was considering how frantic our time here is. Because we are so preoccupied with our never ending tasks, I realized that too often we forget to enjoy life’s small treasures along the way . Someone once said there will be no great ending to a wretched journey.   More often ...

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Relationship Breakup – How To Move On

By Amy Thorn, Relationships360° Guest Expert After a relationship breakup, everything in the world can seem bleak and depressing. The most significant thing to keep in mind is that this is a normal reaction. Whenever we lose something that’s important to us, we shouldn’t be surprised if we go through the grieving process. A relationship breakup is no exception. When ...

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Cohabitation vs. Marriage

Shacking up was considered scandalous a few decades ago, but today couples living under the same roof before saying "I do" has become mainstream. Studies show cohabitation has led to a record number of divorces due to a host of reasons which make for more overall relationship dissatisfaction than experienced within a traditional marriage union. Licensed Marriage and Family counselor, Ed Fenn, and I discussed this issue on the last episode of Relationships360, which airs Sunday at noon, Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday at 2pm and Saturday at 9am on Time Warner channel 17 and Comcast channel 25 in the Kansas City metro area.

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